The squeakiest wheel

I was invited recently to speak to the first years at Staffordshire University about how I got into the industry. Aside from highlighting that there isn't a single, normal route in I did notice that I've made an awful lot of mistakes along the way. I kept coming up with things I would do completely differently. 

First and foremost though I'd say this; put your hand up. 

There's an old saying that it's the squeakiest wheel that gets the oil. This couldn't be more true for directors. I did the Directing course at Raindance a few years ago. The course leader, Patrick Tucker, is an incredibly experienced director over several decades of working in British TV and film. At one point in the course he had an example scene set up and wanted volunteers from the audience to direct it for him. In a room of 50 or so people, each of whom had parted with several hundred hard earned pounds to be there, only 3 or 4 of us put our hands up to direct.

I'm still staggered by this.

Put your hand up. No-one's going to give it to you.